CatOne is a family of small automated multi-hull vessels (1.6 - 1.9 m overall length) designed for data acquisition, environmental monitoring and patrolling, either under total or partial autonomy.
Such a unit offers a safe, economical and highly efficient alternative to conventional methods involving manned vessels. It is particularly suitable for the performance of recurring and/or long-term repetitive activities in hazardous areas such as those with difficulty of access or in harsh environments (e.g. quarry lakes, waste-dump basins, landslide risk areas, zones subject to rock falls or contamination etc,.).
Productivity and quality of work is enhanced thanks to the high level of automation and the optimized route planning which results. GPS and inertial sensors ensure maximum accuracy of performance.

  • The CatOne vessels are particularly suitable for nocturnal operations, when the conditions for survey soundings are generally at their best.
  • They are compatible with protected ecosystems.
  • They can be customized to meet individual customer specifications and requirements.


The Control System

The control system is the most prized element of the robot, ensuring operational autonomy and flexibility
It consists of:

  • a ground control station, by means of which the operator defines the route and plans the track on an interactive display using a simple and intuitive procedure. Once activated, the vessel independently executes the selected program. A¬†communication system, connected to the on-board station by a data link. This allows the operator to monitor the advancement of the mission as desired, and, if necessary, to intervene with any appropriate changes in real time;
  • a computerized on-board control and navigation system, capable of ensuring mission autonomy using reference data acquired from inertial sensors and GPS.
One single operator can control multiple vessels from the same ground control station