aerRobotix is interested in collaboration with partners willing to promote and expand the use of our modern and innovative systems of measurement and instrumentation. Such installations on the CatOne robotic vessels may well lead to further innovative and original solutions which can be offered to third parties and / or be jointly developed in the context of funded research.
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Graduate Theses, Internships and Doctorates

aerRobotix is constantly working on research topics leading to the development of original solutions for new or existing products, and is always ready to avail itself of the opportunities and innovations offered by the market for robotic components and measuring instruments. In particular, aerRobotix's ability in the field of systems integration, and the resulting creation of products suited to customer needs, is one of the Company's greatest strengths.

In the fields of concept, design, verification, technical and operational testing and support of measurement campaigns, aerRobotix can offer opportunities for professional growth to undergraduates, internees and researchers, giving them the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the multidisciplinary approach typical of robotics.

In particular, the following areas of research are available as subjects for the development of dissertations, internships or doctorate theses:

Design of small size hulls with low resistance to high intensity river currents
Modeling of the hydrodynamic characteristics of small sized displacement hulls at low speeds
Configuration optimization of solutions using catamaran and trimaran vessels.

Implementation and adaptation of autopilot Open Source platforms (Arduino etc.)
Development of photovoltaic power supply systems
Integration of latest generation multibeam sonar for automatic soundings in inland waters
Acquisition and automatic processing of video images in real time
Analysis and testing of brushless electric motors in extreme environmental and operating conditions.

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