In order to offer customers the maximum of flexibility, aerRobotix does not limit itself only to the sale of the automatic CatOne family of vessels, but also provides a range of alternative services. Our customers can benefit from the advantages offered by this new technology without having to first buy the product (and immediately begin developing their own autonomous capacity to manage the system).
Our service offers comprise:


  • Bathymetric "turnkey" services. aerRobotix offers comprehensive surveys and related data analysis in cooperation with qualified professionals, providing the customer with the data processed in accordance with the agreed methodologies and formats. If required, the service can be limited only to the survey phase, providing the raw data, assuming the customer wishes to use his own data analysis capabilities. In order to offer customers the maximum of flexibility, aerRobotix can provide the survey service using our own “state of the art” instruments or integrate applicable survey instruments owned by the customer.


  • Rental services with operator (operated equipment rental). In this case the vessels are accompanied by a specialized operator to handle the planning, launching, run the survey operations, recovery and data download from the instruments etc,
    This type of service is not as complex as "outsourcing" of work and allows the customer to use the services of aerRobotix also to accomplish contracts that do not include or limit the use of sub-contracting.
    From the operational point of view, operated equipment rental allows customers to conduct the relevant activities at first hand, taking advantage of all the benefits offered by robotic means, including the opportunity to acquaint themselves with this highly versatile system without risks, possibly with a view to future acquisition.
    The applicable survey instrumentation can be provided by aerRobotix within the scope of the rental, or be supplied by the customer. In this case, aerRobotix will undertake the on-board integration of such equipment.


  • Rental services without an operator - Training Rental of a CatOne vessel without one of our operators is possible, but due to the intrinsic nature of the equipment, aerRobotix reserves the right to insist that an appropriate course of training, offered by aerRobotix as part of the rental package, has been undertaken by the prospective operator.
    aerRobotix offers training services in the use of the automatic CatOne vessels. Depending on the training background of the individual and his/her ability to learn, a two-day training course is normally sufficient to place the customer in a position to independently manage a robotic craft, having acquired the necessary knowledge to conduct the activities in safety.

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